Closer to raw nature

Norway is full of unspoiled nature and never seen before locations. It´s fairly easy to shoot in Norway, but don´t underestimate the complexity of logistics, permit situations and the differences between the lush south to the arctic north. There is a spectacular wide array of nature, but make sure you understand the challenges. 

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100% transparent budget


We believe no production is too small and no production is too big. And all our projects are transparent from start to end. If we spend less, you get savings.

Bring us your idea and let´s see if we can provide all you need. In most cases we can. And we aim at providing cost efficient production services, even in remote and exclusive locations.


We work with a 10% markup. Full transparent breakdowns and a

guaranteed pay-back of savings.

We would like to assist you with a quote. Please provide us with as many details as possible regarding your project:

Our wish list of details contains:

  • Number of shooting days

  • Days lengths

  • Cast number of leads, secondaries, feat. extras and extras

  • Number of locations and references

  • Equipment specs

  • Film crew size

  • Storyboard, script or treatment

We would like to give you our local knowlede!


It starts with the research. Let us digg into the material and help you make the groundwork. All projects need a solid research. Let´s get the facts right.


Location scout

We are here to help you find the perfect locations for your story!


Send us your idea and vision and we will present different alternatives for you. If you like our locations, let´s get started on securing all the permits you need.

Don’t hesitate to ask us to present ideas/pics/concepts for your next project.

Norwegian crew is friendly, well educated and hard working.

Due to our local knowledge and network we can provide your production with manpower of different ranges, from key-roles to production assistants.

A Norwegian crew, whether it’s the guys on the floor or the most professional, is hardworking, engaged, skilled and polite. All crew members speak fluently english.

If you plan a mountain shoot, we provide a full safety and sherpa crew. We always use local stunt talents which are familiar with the mountains, winter and summer.

Crew hire


Let us know what you need!

We use a wide range of companies with a various talent pools, both on the West Coast and in Oslo.

We cooperate with high-end equipment suppliers in Oslo, and will always do our best to meet your needs and to give you the most cost-efficient solutions for your production.

Frost media have a long standing work relationship with Orange Aerial, the largest supplier of aerial film services in Norway.



Let us help you plan your production in Norway!

Our production managers and coordinators can, through close dialog with you, make a schedule of the whole production.


We would also manage the crew, locations, permits, transportation, accommodation, catering, equipment and more.

Norway offer truly amazing locations!

However, basic services are not plentiful in large parts of Norway.

We will find good solutions to provide the crew with food and energy, even if we are in the middle of the woods or on top of a mountain.


We always provide the production with a skilled craft service crew. In our experience, this always help the production in terms of efficiency, safety and general well being.

Depending on the size of the production, we scale the craft service crew accordingly.

Craft service